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Is your outreach project in need of funds? Do you want to support children with Early Childhood Development (including children with disabilities), improve mobility for children living with disabilities  or plant trees? Please consider ‘Clothes to Good’ to help you do this by simply selling us used clothing that your pupils, staff or members, collect from their family, neighbours and friends.

C2CX has been doing this for over five years now, through our simple and convenient ‘Clothes to Good’ programme, run by our team, with no investment required by you.

We operate by asking organisations to collect clothing through their schools, businesses, communities, religious organisations etc. We pay the organization R5 per usable kilogram that we collect. The organisation can use these funds for their own outreach projects or for our clothes to play, clothes to wheels, and clothes to trees programmes. We use the clothes to empower those less privileged than us by creating jobs for people (including people with disabilities) to sort and bale the clothing, and by helping budding entrepreneurs to sell the clothing on, in their own communities. By selling us your clothes, you will see that there is a tangible economic and social impact!

This is a great way to give away your clothing to a cause that generates income throughout the value cycle to those who really need it. By selling your clothes to though the ‘Clothes to Good’ programme, you will no longer be giving a hand out, but a hand-up, to make our economy stronger and help people who used to rely on charity alone, become self-sufficient and learn new skills.

Listen to our interview on East Coast Radio to find out more: